In-Core Probe
High speed, multi-tenanted, customer facing visibility for MSPs from the cloud.  


Visibility-as-a-Service from the cloud without CP Probes - this is what an In-Core Sinefa Probe provides. Sinefa is the leader in Customer Facing visibility delivered from the provider's core.  Whether you're a Telco or MSP providing communication services or a cloud provider offering network and applications as a service, the In-Core Probe is a hyper scalable multi-tenanted solution which gives every customer a dedicated visibility portal. 

  • Hyper scale & multi-tenanted
  • Customer Facing visibility with dedicated portal per customer
  • No Customer Premises deployment required
  • Support for geo dispersed Probes in different Exchanges, DCs & Clouds
  • Integration with APIs

In-Core Probes are deployed where customer traffic is aggregated.  Extracting that traffic from the network can be achieved in different ways depending on the architecture, speed and scale of the network.  Network SPAN ports can be used at low speeds (less that 10G), while network Taps or smart packet brokers can be leveraged for high speed deployments.  Most networks have traffic extraction designed in which is used to send traffic for to different analysis tools. Sinefa has a joint solution brief with Gigamon, a provider of technology to intelligently extract network traffic.  See brief here