Deliver high-performance mission critical business applications on your network

Increase the performance of business critical applications

With over 700 applications on the average enterprise network, network managers need the ability to simply see and then prioritise access to network bandwidth so that business critical apps can have the highest performance possible. Too many network managers throw extra bandwidth capacity at the problem or use compression technology at great expense, without seeing any improvement in the performance of their applications.

Network performance problems remain pervasive, no matter how much bandwidth is available. This is due, in part, to the nature of applications running on the network, and in part due to the convergence of users, devices and applications onto networks. Our experience shows that having the correct amount of bandwidth and adequate application prioritisation is best practice and offers the highest performing solution.

We believe that bandwidth prioritisation will become a very important tool for application performance over networks in the future.

With this in mind, our approach is to first monitor traffic and see what is limiting performance, and then solve problems by giving bandwidth priority to critical applications. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t see.


It’s about time network visibilty and control was made this simple.


Unified Communications/Voice-over-IP

Real-time, jitter-sensitive applications such as VoIP and other UC applications need low latency and a consistent network to perform properly. Adding more bandwidth capacity won’t solve performance issues, so the challenge is to provide high quality – not high capacity. It’s about prioritisation and bandwidth management.
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Web/Video Conferencing

Web and video conference calls rely on a stable network providing low latency so that calls do not ‘break up’ or lose connection altogether. Throwing bandwidth at the issue is not the solution. Read how Sinefa can optimise network performance and prioritise bandwidth for critical applications.
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Real-time remote screen applications such as Citrix and Remote Desktop need to be protected from aggressive applications such as print, file downloads and backups. When protected and given the ‘fast lane’ on the network, these apps won’t miss a heartbeat.
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Cloud Applications

Using apps in the cloud offers flexibility and productivity, but managing and optimising performance requires a lot of time and attention. Sinefa’s technology can provide invaluable insight into how your cloud apps are performing, and help you to make informed decisions, while saving you time and money.
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