Achieve high visibility into your network and optimise BYOD and app usage

The growth of BYOD means that the lines are becoming increasingly blurred for network managers.
Customers and suppliers are looking to connect to business applications on the network, while employees are using BYOD to access business applications, as well as recreational apps – all of which saps bandwidth, and reduces network performance. A network manager’s life is not made easier by BYOD!

How can you take control of your BYOD network requirements?


You need answers to these questions...

  • How many BYOD devices are running on the network?
  • Are these devices secure?
  • What applications are being accessed on BYOD devices?
  • What’s the impact on the applications and on network performance?
  • How are recreational apps affecting human productivity?
  • How can the activity of users on these devices be managed and controlled?


InTune and Sinefa - take control of your BYOD strategy

In conjunction with Sinefa’s technology, it can help you to achieve effective visibility and control within minutes with Sinefa’s zero touch deployment. It allows you to understand what devices are on your network, which applications they are using, and the impact they are having on network performance.

Monitor securely, control your BYOD network traffic

Microsoft InTune provides mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud, allowing you to take control of your BYOD strategy, and monitor and control network traffic and devices in a secure manner.


The business case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Understand which devices are on your network
  • Secure the devices on your network
  • Gain real-time insight into the applications each device is using
  • Identify resource-hungry apps and devices in real time
  • Shape network traffic to prioritise mission-critical apps
  • Monitor and control recreational app usage

The technical case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Cut costs by implementing a secure, effective BYOD strategy
  • Optimise network performance through a single dashboard
  • Gain visibility into your network
  • Manage and control your BYOD strategy
  • Access Sinefa’s classification catalog to recognise and control new recreational apps
  • Boost network performance and, in turn, employee productivity


It’s about time you had the visibility and control you need.

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