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Reduce MPLS costs, deliver business critical apps over internet

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks are used by many organisations to deliver critical business applications to their users and customers. 

However, this is changing due to factors such as the take-up of cloud causing more apps to be accessed using Internet and the relatively high on-going costs associated with MPLS.

Opportunities are being presented to organisations to realize significant cost savings by migrating the delivery of even non-cloud apps from MPLS to Internet based circuits. Before progressing down this path, one must consider the performance and security consequences of moving apps from MPLS to Internet.

A well managed internet WAN can outperform MPLS

At Sinefa, we have helped many customers successfully migrate from MPLS to Internet WAN and have increased the performance of the network in the process.

Network performance increases because well managed Internet WANs outperform poorly managed MPLS networks. Migrating from MPLS to Internet can save a lot of money and should be considered by organisations when reviewing network design.


Sinefa’s six steps to migrating from MPLS to Internet

A transition period

Run MPLS and Internet WAN side by side until you are satisfied with the performance and security of your new

Performance baselining

Having a before/after comparison for network quality (delay, jitter, loss, availability) and application utilization (peak usage, applications, websites, users, etc) is the best way to compare the two networks.

High performance internet

When you purchase your
Internet circuits, ask your operator about business grade Internet services and contention ratios. Whatever your network operator tells you, step 2 will ultimately confirm the performance.


App visibility & traffic shaping

A good traffic shaping solution can effectively bring MPLS CoS (Class of Service) to an Internet WAN, provided you have premium internet from your network supplier. This will allow you to reliably run services like telephony (VoIP) over the internet links.

Hybrid WAN

It may be beneficial to keep both networks (MPLS and Internet) in some (or all) of your locations. Most organisations won’t need to run a Hybrid WAN but it can be the right setup in certain environments.


With MPLS there a degree of security to your data offered via the network operator. You can replicate (and surpass) this level of security in your WAN with most reputable firewalls/routers available in the market today.


The business case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Reduce the high on-going costs associated with MPLS networks
  • Reduce time spent managing network performance
  • Ensure applications are performing to optimal levels
  • Reduce the time spent troubleshooting network issues
  • Boost productivity by ensuring application and service availability
  • Secure your data

The technical case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Replicate (and surpass) MPLS levels of security in your Internet WAN using firewalls/routers
  • Gain visibility into the performance of your apps
  • Guarantee application and services performance
  • Enable real-time traffic shaping capabilities
  • Quickly identify and fix performance issues and ensure critical business applications do not suffer due to congested links
  • Compare baseline MPLS performance with the Internet

It's about time you had the visibility and control you need.

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