Do you get the phone call saying “The internet pipe is completely full, saturated and clogged”?

How about the call from a site saying "the network is very slow"?

You may go to your Cisco firewall manager, find some external IPs. Thanks Mr Firewall, you've given me the IPs, but is that all you got? not very helpful !!

Users and customers are upset, application stop working.

So you then download firewall logs, sift through them. Hours later, pulling your hair out trying to find a needle in a hay stack. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could just log in to a visibility system and immediately (within 3 seconds) find out exactly whats going on?  Perhaps you'll immediately see that there is 15 people using internet radio.

Unfortunately the firewall and router won’t give you that, you wont see the entire layer of your network. 

You really need to find the number of traffic receivers, drill into the network applications, who is causing congestion, what the congestion is.

Perhaps it is VMWare traffic?

You ask yourself "What do I need to do to optimise the network and ensure we can utilise the network in an efficient way".


The solution is: Sinefa's Network Traffic Insights

To get real time data about how staff are using the network bandwidth day to day, or minute by the minute, you need a live layer seven (L7) network traffic visibility solution.  Get immediate insights into the data traversing the network. Know what its really going on. 

Sinefa provides an integrated product with network traffic visibility, performance and shaping.

Find out whats hogging the network, where is the problem and where are the congestion points. 

This demo shows you the default operation of Sinefa's application traffic insights. At first it looks similar to what you can get through netflow analyzers, but watch the whole 5-minute video to see the power of Sinefa.



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