Managing bandwidth and protecting the performance of Microsoft SharePoint

The bandwidth and performance impact
of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint helps businesses organize information, people, and projects across the enterprise, and reinvents how employees work collaboratively. In fact, it has become one of the more important tools for sharing information across the enterprise.

However, the real time nature of the SharePoint environment, and the growing volume of data that accumulates, can often lead to network performance and bandwidth issues, which in turn has a negative impact on productivity.

So what’s the solution?


Optimise Microsoft SharePoint
with Sinefa

The solution is not to throw more SharePoint servers at the problem, which can add further network traffic, rather you need to improve the performance of the network and reduce latency in order to optimise the collaborative and productivity opportunities that SharePoint offers.

Sinefa’s technology can prioritise and protect the performance of SharePoint, by offering realtime visibility into network performance, and the ability to shape traffic in order to protect the performance of mission-critical apps.


The business case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Optimise SharePoint performance
  • Gain visibility into the quality of your network
  • Shape and prioritise network bandwidth
  • Identify performance issues in real time
  • Guarantee employee access to SharePoint files and projects
  • Save time and costs troubleshooting SharePoint performance issues


The technical case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Ensure high availability of Microsoft SharePoint
  • Boost productivity, particularly for remote workers
  • Ensure real time collaborative working practices across the enterprise
  • Share information and projects across different sites
  • Reduce the resources required to manage SharePoint performance
  • Manage and control the use of recreational apps that may hinder network performance

It’s about time you had the visibility and control you need.

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