Quickly identify problems and give priority
to mission-critical applications

Prioritise application bandwidth in real time

Network slowness reduces the productivity of employees and increases the time network managers spend trouble-shooting issues. It’s estimated that there are over 700 applications on the average enterprise network, so it is essential that network managers have visibility into the network and the ability to manage and prioritise network bandwidth in real time.

Many mistakenly believe that throwing extra bandwidth at the problem will solve these issues, however, in our experience this rarely offers any improvement in performance and results in wasted expense. The diverse nature of the applications running on the network and the convergence of users, devices and applications onto networks, means that a more sophisticated solution is required.

Our experience shows that application and bandwidth prioritisation produces the best results and the highest performing solution. Our approach is to monitor network traffic in order to prioritise bandwidth to ‘bandwidth hungry’ or mission critical apps – after all, you can’t manage what you can’t see.


Proactive notification and real time monitoring

There is a good chance that network slowness is due to congestion on one of your data lines. To solve this problem, you need to see what is using up your bandwidth. You will also need to prioritise the important data traffic on your network over non-time sensitive data traffic such as downloads, software updates and recreational traffic.

At the same time, wouldn’t it be great to be pro-actively notified when the network quality is poor so you can address any issues immediately rather than learning about it from your customers? Sinefa’s probe for monitoring the network is available either as a black box or as a virtual appliance, and our cloud-based Sinefa app gives you full network visibility and control from within a single dashboard as soon as the probe is installed.


The business case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve network performance
  • Gain high visibility into network issues and bottlenecks
  • Reduce calls to the service desk
  • Trouble-shoot network issues quickly from a single dashboard
  • Prioritise bandwidth capacity for critical apps
  • Save money on buying additional bandwidth

The technical case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Gain visibility into the BYOD traffic on your network
  • See what is causing network slowness and application buffering
  • Gain real-time insight into the applications each device is using
  • Identify resource-hungry apps and devices
  • Shape network traffic to prioritise bandwidth towards critical business apps
  • Monitor and control recreational app usage


It's about time you had the visibility and control you need.

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