Welcome to Sinefa!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Sinefa family.

Sinefa transforms businesses with real-time network traffic intelligence for superior application performance. It is easy to deploy and provides instant analytics, insights and control over your customers’ network.

To gain access to your Partner Discounts, a minimum number of participants in your organisation must go through the following Onboarding program. Please utilise the recommended resources in this document, as well as the scheduled run-through meeting with Sinefa’s Customer Success team and your Account Manager. These are designed to build your knowledge of Sinefa and our story, so that you can best understand how we operate and how we sell.

By the end of your Onboarding, we know you will ‘Be Awesome’, have a thorough understanding of Sinefa, and be ready to live our values:

Go Anywhere.

Always Be Awesome.

Move Fast.

Be Real.

Onboarding Requirements

  1. Utilise your Partner resources. 

    Please familiarise yourself with the list of online Partner Onboarding resources, listed at the end of this page and on page 4 of the Partner Onboarding Brochure. Each of these resources is highly valuable for developing your knowledge of Sinefa, our messaging and our story, as well as how we communicate, operate and sell.

  2. Meet with our team.

    Your Sinefa Account Manager and a representative of the Sinefa Customer Success team will then organise to meet with you at your earliest convenience. This time will be used for our team to clarify any questions you may have, run you through how to best leverage our online resources, and generally ensure you are getting optimal value out of your Partner Onboarding experience.
    Please contact your Sinefa Account Manager to book in a 30-45-minute time slot to meet with our Customer Success Team.

  3. Tell us how you went.                           

    Your feedback means a lot to us. In order to officially complete your Onboarding and receive your certificate, we require you to complete the Evaluation Form below.

Partner Resources

Resource 1 Sinefa Partner Portal

The Sinefa Portal is where we share important information for Sinefa Partners and Resellers. It should be your first port of call when you are looking for information including marketing collateral, product release notes, subscription reports, etc.  

Discover the Partner Portal →


Resource 2 Partner Program

The Partner Program is designed to power your business with substantial growth and profit, the more Sinefa services you sell, the higher your status level and the more benefits you will receive.

Access Sinefa’s Partner Program →

Resource 3 Enterprise Sales Demo

As part of the Partner Onboarding Success Program, staff from your organisation will be required to study and learn the Enterprise Sales Demo. We expect our Partners to utilise this resource frequently in learning how to present on Sinefa.

Watch Sinefa’s Enterprise Demo →


Resource 4 Sinefa Community

Sinefa’s Community Pages give you all the information you need to get started with your clients including deploying a probe, reporting, visibility, networking fundamentals, billing and FAQ’s.  

Experience the Sinefa Community →

Resource 5 Marketing Collateral

Sales Enablement provides all marketing material including Sinefa Presentations, Brochures and Proposals. 

View Marketing Collateral →

Resource 6 Sinefa Training Videos

Sinefa Training videos give you insight into Sinefa’s product and systems. Videos include a 5-minute demo, how to set up an account, traffic shaping, NQS and public probe set up.

Start training →


Resource 7 Partner Stories

Our Partners and Resellers are an integral part of Sinefa. If our Partners love Sinefa, our Customers love Sinefa.

Hear our Partner Stories →

Resource 8 Customer Stories

Our customers love Sinefa and our customer stories are a testimonial to that. Customer stories show the pain points in our customers’ networks and how Sinefa was able to solve these issues. 

Read our Customer Stories →


Welcome to the Sinefa family.

Need to chat to us?

Get in touch with your Sinefa Account Manager or a member of our Customer Success Team, we are always here to assist.