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Sinefa channel partner program


Sinefa works with a wide range of partners, including Managed Service Providers (MSPs), value added resellers (VARs), Systems Integrators, distributors, and network providers/operators across the globe. Sinefa empowers partners to offer modern digital experience monitoring, end user experience monitoring network performance management, and and monitoring as a service.

Benefits of partnering with Sinefa

Next generation solution

Sinefa provides a next generation cloud-based solution offering digital experience monitoring including Endpoint Agent monitoring, Network Path Monitoring, network traffic analysis, and traffic shaping. Sinefa is designed to deliver ease of use and scale to any sized organization. All deployed software components are automatically maintained by the Sinefa cloud, easing your support burden.

Fast and easy to deploy

Our cloud-based solution means your customer can be up and running in minutes, with a subscription pricing model to suit.  Create free 14 day trial accounts for your customers and deploy Sinefa for their critical IT and business needs, for a genuine try-before-you-buy experience.  At the end of the trial, simply continue with the subscription, or cancel.

Native, partner-friendly SaaS

The Sinefa platform was built from the ground up to enable partners. Our cloud-based architecture provides multi-tenancy, allowing partners to easily manage anywhere from a few to thousands of clients. You can set up Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) and easily administrate client accounts from a single dashboard.

Simple commercial model

Approved Partners are entitled to additional margin benefits off list prices. There are no lock in terms, no minimum subscriber numbers, or hardware or software maintenance fees.  Manage all your customers and billing within the Sinefa portal.  Sinefa works with partners directly and also through our network of international distributors.

Partner on-boarding process

By proceeding with the partner application below, you will commence the following process:

Partner Process