One Solution. One Price.

Sinefa's DEM solution is holistic and inclusive. So is our pricing.

Digital Experience Monitoring should be easy to use, and easy to buy. You shouldn't pay once for visibility from endpoints, then pay again for visibility from branches or other locations. You shouldn't need a PhD in physics to understand, explain and justify overlapping and conflicting vendor pricing schemes. You should get access to end device, wifi, real user traffic and synthetic network path testing for a single, per-user price. That's how Sinefa pricing works, so you can spend less time on licensing and more time on delivering great digital experiences to your users.

Endpoint Agent solution

Get visibility for remote workers

DEM solution for all your sites

Get visibility across all your sites



Endpoint Agent solution for teams that need visibility fast.

Holistic DEM solution for any sized organization

Product Components

Endpoint Agents

Deploy on end user devices, provide real-time insights into user experience, device and wifi health, and on-demand network path montioring tests.

User bundles start at 100 Agents

User bundles scale to any sized organization

Network Path Monitoring

Run scheduled synthetic tests to see end-to-end and hop-by-hop network performance across internal, Internet and cloud networks.

User bundles include Network Path Monitoring tests

User bundles include Network Path Monitoring tests

Network Traffic Analysis

Deploy virtual or hardware probes and collect real user traffic. Get real-time app experience scoring with collective intelligence insights. Go deep with utilization, application performance and live streaming traffic insights.

User bundles include network traffic analysis sources. Deploy probes anywhere you choose.

Core Features

Historical data retention

Store application performance and network usage data for historical analysis.

1 year

1 year

Scheduled reports

Send on-demand and automated reports to different teams and users

Role-based access control

Multiple users with RO & RW access. Invite key stakeholders to access Sinefa Performance Intelligence Platform

User directory integration

See real usernames by integrating to multiple Active Directory Controllers, LDAP and Radius.


Get alerted on application and network performance and utilization events.


Create network traffic analysis segments that are monitored and controlled as a separate object.


Connect Sinefa into a rich ecosystem of tools like ServiceNow and Pagerduty.

Network Path Monitoring

Scheduled Path Tests

Measure paths every five minutes from probes deployed in branch offices, data centers, and cloud VPCs, to internal and SaaS apps, VPN and SD-WAN tunnel endpoint overlays and underlays

Network Quality Score (NQS)

Monitor network quality between each location in your network as well as to public cloud locations like AWS, GCP and Azure.

Network Traffic Analysis

Sinefa live

Realtime, layer 7 analysis of all your applications at 1 second resolution.

Custom applications

Add and track the performance of your own custom applications. Define by Layer 7 signature, URL, certificate name and more.

Traffic Shaping

Define multiple policies and provide fine-grained control of how policies are applied at each location.

Application Visibility

Application performance

Track performance metrics like response times, server delay and network delay for effective troubleshooting.

User experience

Measure the User Experience of critical applications using Sinefa's patented user experience scoring.

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence scoring

Compare application experience against industry benchmarks.

Physical Probes

Available annual subscription for physical probes based on bandwidth capacity, starting at 1Gbps

Support (24x7)

Sinefa KnowlegeBase and Community Help

Email support

Chat support

Phone support

Dedicated customer success manager

Other discounts

Multi-year subcription discounts

One Solution. One Price.

Digital Experience Monitoring should be easy to use and easy to buy.


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