Network visibility and control has never been this simple.  Monthly pricing, no contracts, pay as you go.

For 100 Mbps



100 Mbps

Requires probe
Hardware (SF150)
Virtual (free)

*excl. taxes, freight and import duties


For 1 Gbps



1 Gbps

Requires probe
Hardware (SF801)
Virtual (free)

*excl. taxes, freight and import duties


For 10 Gbps



10 Gbps

Requires probe
Hardware (SF950)

*excl. taxes, freight and import duties

Are there any charges during the trial phase?

During trial phase there are no charges. If you proceed at the end of the trial period, we will charge the credit card on file with the monthly amount selected.

At any time during your trial you may cancel at no cost. We'll also send you an email reminder prior to the end of your trial.

Why is a probe required?

The probe collects and analyses traffic from your network which is then presented on  You can get started with a single probe - virtual or hardware. 

Why purchase a hardware probe? 

Hardware probes can be installed within a few minutes.  They are simple to deploy, are zero-touch and don't require pre-configuration.  Virtual probes are free but you will need to have virtual infrastructure available and the ability to extract traffic from your network using port span / mirroring. 

What if I need additional probes?

You can order hardware and virtual probes at any time through your account. Probes are pre-configured to your account and are dispatched to your pre-nominated address globally. 


How is bandwidth defined?

Bandwidth is defined by the capacity of the link being monitored. A data link with 100Mbps down and 100Mbps up will require a Sinefa subscription of 100Mbps. Multiple links can be monitored with a single probe. Sum the bandwidth of the multiple links to select the right subscription.

What virtual probes does Sinefa support?

VMware ESX, ESXi, vSphere - VMware Player, Server, Workstation, Fusion - Oracle VM VirtualBox & Linux KVM - See more

Are Azure and AWS instances available?

Both AWS and Azure Sinefa probes are available.  These Sinefa probes are best suited to provide application visibility to your Private and Public cloud infrastructure. 


What currency and how about taxes?

Prices are in US Dollars (USD) worldwide except Australia where they are in Australian Dollars (AUD). All prices exclude taxes, freight and import duties.

Are there any additional charges ?

Additional charges apply for optional components such as Public Probes and Segments.

How do I start with Sinefa?

You start with a free 14 day trial. A fully configured probe will be delivered to your door within 7 days.  You can also download a virtual probe once you register.

We’ll need your credit card details but don’t worry – it’s only to protect the probe. You won’t be charged unless you decide to keep using Sinefa once the trial ends.

How do I cancel the service?

Cancelling Sinefa is an easy and no-questions-asked process. You can cancel your account by going to the Settings - Billing page after logging in. See here for instructions.

What type of data does Sinefa store?

Sinefa stores metadata, not the data itself.  The metadata is encrypted when sent to our cloud.  Find out more about security & data storage.

What if I need visibility for more than 10 Gbps?

We have subscriptions for higher speeds.  Contact us to discuss.


Further reading?

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