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Fix performance problems. Keep users happy, wherever they are.

Sinefa helps you measure and improve digital experiences for every user across any network, application or cloud.

Digital experience

Score the user experience for every user transaction across any network, application or cloud. Not just synthetic testing.  

Rapid deploy &
time to value

Deploy in minutes across on-prem, cloud & mobile. Measure and manage Digital Experience for users inside or outside the enterprise network. 

Real-time for
all applications

Discover all applications on the network out of the box. Detect network and application performance issues end-to-end with Real-Time packet level visibility.

Deliver great experiences with confidence on any network or cloud.

Users want great experiences with their applications no matter where they are. While you're constantly transforming, Sinefa helps you understand how users are experiencing applications and what you need to do when things go bad. We help you do this quickly, on a single platform.

office 365 digital experience

“By using Sinefa we have been able to solve performance problems we were having with Office 365.  Sinefa has solved multiple problems on the WAN and internet, but also gave insight into where the problems were coming from which we previously didn’t have.”

Gerben Bremmer, Technical IT Specialist, Wavin Group

Application Intelligence (Wavin Customer Quote)
office 365 digital experience

SaaS performance dashboards

Monitor the performance of all user transactions across the network using SaaS applications like Office 365. Know performance by user, app, site and SaaS front doors or clouds. Know everything you need to know about how your key SaaS apps are performing on the network.

Real-time application performance

Discover every SaaS and on-prem application out of the box and measure performance, usage and everything you need to know about every transaction. Drill down historically by user, site, cloud or region. Analyze transactions in real-time and troubleshoot like never before.

traffic insights

Time to value and rapid deployment

Simplified and highly automated deployment ensures 100% coverage for any infrastructure, cloud and application. Scale out quickly with low time and cost overhead.


Digital Experience per user

For any app, measure the experience for individual users and drill down quickly to find out what to do next.  End-to-end insights enable you to know what is happening every step of the way.

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Case Study

Find out how 7-Eleven solved performance issues with Office 365