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Application Intelligence

Get unique actionable user experience insights into the operational state of the business by location (map), application or application group and performance signal (green, yellow, red) with user and user-groups support.

Network Intelligence

Get unique actionable network performance insights into the operational state with live real-time ‘1 second’ intelligence, network capacity utilization metrics by applications, active directory integration for AD username views and segments based on offices, customers & departments.

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Collective Intelligence

Access to crowd-sourced performance and cloud application health metrics, including industry and geographic performance benchmarks, for transactional delay, network round-trip time, application health and relative application usage.

Application Control

Increase performance of business critical applications by optimizing the traffic types, prioritize critical applications and control recreational appsPrioritize bandwidth capacity for business critical applications, adjust shaping policies instantly across all devices and up to date with new application signature feeds.

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Predictive Insights

Creates mathematical models and uses these models to detect or forecast behavior outside the modeled range. Proactive fault management system moving from ‘break and shift’ model to early detection and alarm when behavior is outside the range.

Application Signature Analytics

Rapid detection of applications leading to user experience intelligence. Non-intrusive application signature creation with zero application integration required and up to date with new application profiles.

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Correlation & Pattern Analysis

Integrated analytics engine with actionable insights into the application performance intelligence, network performance intelligence and digital user experience. Real time streaming analytics with single dashboard for viewing all analytical insights and extensible to integrate with other 3rd party deep learning engines.

Extensible Platform

Enterprise grade platform built for scale and extensible to integrate with other platforms. Rich API set and secure with always-on global redundancy.

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Sinefa Globe


Enrich your existing infrastructure, tools and platform. Sinefa works with most solutions out of the box.

Data Sources

Support for a variety of data sources across multiple deployments - physical, virtual or cloud. Data sources include probes, agents, telemetry and flow sources.

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