Digital Experience Monitoring

Sinefa provides visibility to help every organization deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Sinefa offers an integrated Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solution that includes user experience scoring powered by collective intelligence, real user traffic analysis, synthetic network path monitoring, and endpoint agent monitoring.

Get visibility from everywhere that matters

Sinefa delivers comprehensive insights into customer and employee digital experience. Deploy virtual or physical probes to gain visibility from data centers, branches offices, and cloud VPCs. Easily instrument end user devices with lightweight endpoint agents, at scale, to cover remote workers and road warriors.

Deploy probes and endpoint agents to gain digital experience visibility

Measure user experience with collective intelligence

Digital experience is the business today. Monitor user experience for all your applications, with easy to create dashboards for all your applications, organizations and stakeholders. Experience scores and collective intelligence benchmarks show you how you're delivering app experiences, and how they measure up to your industry peers around the world.

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See end user experience, network and device health

Measure app delivery from every end user

Monitor user experience, device and wifi health in real-time. Visualize network paths to critical applications, solve application performance problems, and deliver exceptional digital experiences.

See beyond borders with network path monitoring

Launch end-to-end and hop-by-hop network path monitoring tests to rapidly find network issues, even in networks beyond your control. Use powerful path visualizations to find loss, latency and jitter conditions across internal, and external provider networks. Manage and escalate to ISPs, Secure Web Gateway (SWG), cloud and SaaS vendors more effectively.

See beyond your own network boundaries with network path monitoring
Get in-depth traffic utilization analyses

Go deep with real-time network traffic analysis

Leverage Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) insights into application traffic across all your network segments. See user details via Active Directory integration. Plan network capacity with multi-comprehensive network utilization analyses. Quickly find application-impacting network issues using extensive performance metrics. Rapidly find and remediate network congestion problems with live, second-by-second traffic streaming views.

“By using Sinefa we have been able to solve performance problems we were having with Office 365.  Sinefa has solved multiple problems on the WAN and internet, giving us insight into root causes which we previously didn’t have.”

Gerben Bremmer, Technical IT Specialist, Wavin Group

Application Intelligence (Wavin Customer Quote)
Native REST API and out of the box integrations are easy to employe

Native API and integrations

Integrate with your IT operations processes and toolsets with a native REST API that supports both configuration and reporting. Leverage out of the box integrations with Slack, ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Opsgenie, JIRA service desk and others.

Global, scale-out, cloud-native architecture

Sinefa scales to any sized business with a multi-region, scale-out architecture.

Rapid deploy &
time to value

Deploy in minutes to branches, data centers, clouds, and endpoint devices.

Zero maintenance and low TCO

Zero touch SaaS means you get the latest capabilities with low overhead.

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