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See and control your application traffic like never before

Easy to use, easy to deploy and powerful traffic visibility and control for all networks - on-prem, DC, cloud

See traffic on any network in real-time

See everything in Layer 7 in Real-Time.  Deep historical analysis with drill-down to usernames, IPs, segments, applications and much more. 


Control & Shape with extreme ease

Easily shape traffic, prioritize critical business services and control recreational applications. Identify and fix congestion quickly. 

Rapid deployment for on-prem and cloud

Automated deployment in many different footprints for on-prem and cloud-native environments.  Get extreme coverage across your whole network. 

“Sinefa’s solution is incredibly easy to install and easy to use...we can proactively monitor performance, shape bandwidth where required, and make fast, informed decisions to support the business.”

Thoshan Ruberu, Head of Architecture, Security and Governance at 7-Eleven Stores

Applicaiton Control (7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd Customer Quote)

Granular & Real-Time visibility everywhere

Correlated control of user, application, network & cloud performance to drive a successful digital transformation journey.

Easily shape traffic, prioritize critical business applications and control recreational applications by Active Directory groups, usernames, VLANs to enhance employee productivity and organizational success.

Simple slice-n-dice analysis

With simple to use filtering and drill-down, analyze events in real-time or investigate issues from months or days ago - the data is always there. Custom apps and filtering, extensive time-ranges and raw packet capture capabilities enable you to find everything that happened on the network.


Extensive coverage - VM, Physical, Cloud

Deploy anywhere and cover all traffic and workloads. Public/Private clouds, Virtual Network Function, VMs or physical appliances - we have you covered.  A single cloud-based platform analyze traffic and performance enterprise-wide.

Dashboarding & APIs

Use a rich library of widgets to create dashboards for different IT personas - CIO, Infrastructure Manager, Application Owner and even IT Support. Or ingest Sinefa's data through APIs and integrate into some of our eco partners like Splunk, SumoLogic and more.

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