Network Path Monitoring

See every network like you own it. Full path visibility across internal networks and the Internet, from every user location to every app.

Sinefa Digital Experience Monitoring includes synthetic network path analysis of end-to-end and hop-by-hop network performance across internal, ISP and SaaS networks. Seeing the entire netpath means you can troubleshoot root causes in networks outside of your control, and escalate more effectively to service providers.

See every network like you own it

End-to-end and hop-by-hop path visualization and metrics gives you valuable intelligence into Internet and provider network behavior.


Reduce Mean Time to Repair

Know if the problem is internal or external, find whose network is causing the problem, get root cause evidence and solve issues faster.

Partner with your providers

Manage and govern ISP, SWG and SaaS provider relationships with data-driven insights. Escalate more effectively when outages occur.

Synthetic monitoring offers insights into external networks

Get synthetic network monitoring insights

Synthetic network monitoring offers insights into networks and services you don't own. Run synthetic tests every five minutes to baseline performance and easily detect deviations based on historical data.  TCP and ICMP-based network path tracing (traceroutes) uncover true network path behavior. Track key end-to-end performance metrics such as packet loss, latency and jitter via time series graphs.

See performance issues in external networks

Packet analysis and traffic flow-based approaches are valuable, but can't collect data from and provide visibility into external networks that you rely on to connect users to business-critical applications. Network path monitoring tests reveal end-to-end and hop-by-hop performance metrics over time. Powerful visualization let you see when network paths change, and where Layer 3 nodes in ISPs or SaaS provider networks are experiencing downtime, loss, latency or jitter. Red nodes identify  nodes experiencing packet loss so you can quickly focus on hot spots. You can also catch difficult to diagnose issues such as firewall policy misconfigurations that cause packet loss even when internal networks aren't showing overall congestion.

See beyond your own network boundaries with network path monitoring

Level up your network intelligence by drilling down to per-hop details and performance metrics

Sinefa network path monitoring is more than just a pretty picture. You can examine per hop information such as Autonomous System Number (ASN), geolocation, IP address and node hostname, so you can understand which provider's network is experiencing issues. See per-hop metrics to understand how performance issues are impacting application delivery and user experience.

Drill down to per hop details for diagnostic insights

Share insights with stakeholders & providers

Sinefa makes it easy to share access to network path monitoring intelligence via downloadable PDFs, links to specific test views at selected timeframes. Set up scheduled emails to keep key internal and external stakeholders up to date.  Flexible alerting and out of the box integrations with ServiceNow, Slack and PagerDuty keeps internally responsible and accountable parties informed and able to act quickly. Network path monitoring views help you manage your relationships with external providers based on data-driven insights, allowing you to collaborate with ISPs, SWG and SaaS providers more effectively and achieve your ultimate goal--a outstanding user experience and quality of service (QoS/QoE).

Sharing network path monitoring details helps you collaborate more effectively with internal stakeholders and external providers

Integrated DEM visibility from everywhere that matters

Sinefa network path monitoring isn't another silo of information for you to manage across. Our Digital Experience Monitoring solution integrates user experience scoring powered by collective intelligence, traffic analysis, synthetic network path monitoring and end user experience agent monitoring. You get all the visibility you need to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Flexible deployment models

Sinefa supports a variety of deployment models, Deploy virtual or physical probes in physical locations. Launch and deploy probes easily into AWS, Azure and Google cloud environments. Leverage network path monitoring from Sinefa endpoint agents.

Modern visibilty focused on user experience

Traditional network monitoring tools came of age before the cloud, and legacy network management solutions focus on infrastructure by monitoring network devices, and summary views of application traffic. The move to cloud, SaaS, and SD-WANs has made traditional NPM tools much less useful. With reliance on external and ever-changing Internet networks, the notion of static network configurations and the ability to understand them via network configuration management (ncm) is a quaint relic.

Today, the focus for IT is no longer the status of infrastructure, but on delivering digital experience and application performance to end-users.

Sinefa goes beyond synthetic-only network performance monitors. Sinefa probes also measure real-time user traffic to reveal application performance, utilization, plus experience scores and how they measure up to your industry peers. Sinefa probes employ Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), but also integrate netflow traffic analyzer functionality.

Leverage network path monitoring to get automated network discovery into overlay and underlay paths for your Cisco, VMware, or other SD-WAN deployments, SWG and CASB services, and emerging SASE architectures. See real traffic-based performance metrics like application response time, then view tests to understand how network paths are impacting SaaS, VoIP, collaboration, and other applications.

With Sinefa, the user experience comes first, and our integrated DEM solution gives you visibility into the entire digital experience service delivery chain, so you can make users happy.

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