Network Traffic Analysis

Understand your application and network performance with live streaming traffic monitoring, so you can deliver outstanding digital experiences.

When it comes to performance monitoring, there's no substitute for looking at your users' real traffic. However, most network traffic analysis tools are limited due to high cost, difficult deployment and maintenance, and lack of scalability and granularity. Most importantly, most nta tools and traffic analyzers don't connect the dots back to user experience and application performance, leaving you with plenty of traffic flow data, but very little intelligence that helps the business. Sinefa Digital Experience Monitoring includes the industry's most scalable and granular views into application performance and traffic flows that help you deliver exceptional digital experiences to customers and employees.

See traffic on any network in real-time

Deep packet analysis of real user traffic gives you instant insights into application performance and network traffic data.


Solve application delivery issues fast

Analyze network traffic patterns to see and solve root causes of application performance issues.

Plan capacity more effectively

Detailed bandwidth monitoring gives you the capacity planning insights to ensure your networks are always up to speed to meet user needs.

“Sinefa’s solution is incredibly easy to install and easy to use...we can proactively monitor performance, shape bandwidth where required, and make fast, informed decisions to support the business.”

Thoshan Ruberu, Head of Architecture, Security and Governance at 7-Eleven Stores

Applicaiton Control (7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd Customer Quote)

See your entire network at a glance

Get a top-down, real-time network monitoring view of all your locations (branch, data center, cloud) on a geolocation map with per-site color coding by bandwidth usage.

Know how all your applications are performing

Sinefa's network analysis automatically detects all your applications using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). View all your applications by transaction or data volume at a glance. Understand how they're performing based on experience score, RTT, response time, server and network delay. Unlike hardware-based packet capture solutions that are capped by expensive local storage, or on-premises network traffic analysis solutions that suffer from low scalability, Sinefa gives you data analytics that scales to every app on any network segment.

Understand application performance in detail
Live Mode gives you instant insights into specific traffic conditions

Live streaming traffic views

Intermittent network congestion and performance issues are the bane of IT teams, because traditional solutions that look at network packets or traffic flows can't get you to granular visibility fast enough to understand, let alone solve problems.  Sinefa solves this challenge by providing a live-streaming traffic analysis mode. You can set up alerts for traffic anomaly detection, verify congestion issues in your high level network or application heat maps. Then, drill down to the problem location and turn on Live Mode, which gives you second-by-second views into traffic by application, websites, hosts, and traffic flows between IP addresses. With live traffic insights from Sinefa, you can solve intermittent issues, retire technical debt and make users happy.

Understand network traffic utilization with slice-and-dice analyses

Sinefa makes it simple to understand network utilization and plan capacity to handle digital transformation, cloud migration, and hybrid WAN, SD-WAN, SWG and SASE transformation. Look at utilization by location (sources), applications, flexibly configured application groups, websites, users (including usernames with Active Directory integration, and many other criteria).

Get in-depth traffic utilization analyses

Integrated DEM visibility from everywhere that matters

Sinefa traffic analysis isn't another silo of information for you to manage across. Our Digital Experience Monitoring solution integrates user experience scoring powered by collective intelligence, traffic analysis, synthetic network path monitoring and end user experience agent monitoring. You get all the visibility you need to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Flexible deployment models

Sinefa supports a variety of deployment models to maximize your network communications and digital experience visibility. For branch and data center locations, virtual or physical probes can be deployed in-line or off a tap or span port to perform packet analysis.

Sinefa probes deploy flexibly in cloud environments. For example, Sinefa probes can be deployed directly into AWS tenancies and are able to monitor network traffic within AWS VPCs (e.g. VM to VM) as well as in/out of AWS VPCs using several deployment options, including in-line deployment between subnets, monitoring VPC flow logs from a S3 bucket, packets via AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring (VTM) or 3rd party cloud packet brokers.

In some cases it's not possible to deploy perform packet capture in a branch location, in which case you can export NetFlow, j-flow, or IPFIX to a remote Sinefa probe. Sinefa has proven integrations as a NetFlow analyzer for flow data exported from Cisco, Gigamon, and others.

Modern visibilty focused on user experience

Traditional network monitoring tools came of age before the cloud, and legacy network management solutions focus on infrastructure by monitoring network devices, and summary views of application traffic. The move to cloud, SaaS, and SD-WANs has made traditional NPM tools much less useful.

Today, the focus for IT is no longer the status of infrastructure, but on delivering digital experience and application performance to end-users.

With Sinefa, the user experience comes first, and our integrated DEM solution gives you visibility into the entire digital experience service delivery chain, so you can make users happy.

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