Ensure that your business is getting the most from Microsoft Azure


What’s the problem with Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a purpose-built cloud computing platform that enables businesses to design, launch and manage their own apps and services.

However, moving your internally hosted apps to the Azure cloud can decrease application performance because the apps are further away from users and there can be contention for bandwidth resources over the network (especially the internet link). So how can Sinefa help you get the most out of your Microsoft Azure apps and services?

Visibility and control from Sinefa

Sinefa’s technology can prioritise and protect the performance of your applications running on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We offer a customer premise probe as well as a cloud probe sitting inside Azure and available through the Azure Marketplace. You get 100% visibility coverage from the cloud (app location) to branch offices (user locations) and gain traffic visibility and statistics on network quality from right inside your cloud environment.


The business case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Ensure access to Azure apps, data, and services
  • Boost productivity by ensuring network quality
  • Gain insight into the usage and performance of your cloud environment
  • Ensure that your Azure apps can meet user demand
  • Gain access to new customer markets through Azure
  • Ensure secure access to data stored in the cloud


The technical case for deploying Sinefa in your network

  • Boost performance of apps running on Microsoft Azure
  • Gain visibility into the quality of your cloud network
  • Protect, shape and prioritise network bandwidth for cloud apps
  • Gather network data from within the cloud with the Sinefa probe
  • Ensure high availability of your Azure apps and services
  • Protect the performance of Azure


It’s about time you had the visibility and control you need.

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