Customer Stories

Recoveriescorp is a contact centre specialising in debt recovery and insurance claims recovery services. They lead the way in delivering innovative and tailored end-to-end solutions for clients. They have more than 450 staff and offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Suva, and have key expertise in Federal, State and local Government, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications and Utilities sectors.

“We had limited oversight of our internet; we knew there was data that was not being reported and there were problems that were not being resolved. We had investigated various solutions but had not been able to find an affordable option. Our Service Provider introduced us to Sinefa and we decided that, on price alone, it was worth trialling.

Installation was very easy and it took very little time to start seeing data. We found the application provided very detailed network visibility and, unexpectedly, we immediately found a source of our major performance problem. A staff member was inadvertently downloading bittorrent onto a tablet that was being brought from home to work each day. They had not realised the application had not fully shut down before entering the workplace.

We were primarily looking for a network visibility tool that would manage the performance of the network. However, we have also found the additional features of Shaping and Quality Monitoring very beneficial.

We now use Shaping extensively to ensure the performance of our Citrix application, which is business critical. It has allowed us to set policies and restrict certain applications where appropriate. Sinefa is very cost effective and provides us with very clear network visibility.

Prior to Sinefa, we didn’t have any quality monitoring. We had looked at WAN accelerators, but they are also very expensive. We have two links with Optus and Uecomm, and previously they weren’t meeting their SLA’s. Quality issues were occurring when work was being done around building. With Sinefa in place we can now hold our ISP to account on performance issues, particularly packet loss. Packet loss is a big issue for us because a small loss on Citrix has a big impact on performance. Citrix uses about 45% of bandwidth.

We have also been able to solve numerous other performance problems now that we have good visibility across our network. For example, we had an undiagnosed logon problem that caused our link to fall over, which had persisted for a long period of time . The problem was related to the internet connections and we were able to identify and solve this problem quickly once Sinefa was installed. Also, we have previously banned Youtube from the workplace, but we now have the confidence to provide key personnel with access to the application because we are confident we can control usage with Sinefa.

Previously, we gave some consideration to both Palo Alto and Juniper Firewalls  but they were too expensive and they couldn’t be justified. At that stage, we were trying to manage by guesswork. We did have some network visibility using PRTG Network Monitor, however it did not provide the visibility that Sinefa can, and it was nowhere near as clear.

The introduction of Sinefa has had a significant impact on our support department. We used to receive around 10-20 jobs a day logged because of network problems. We estimate that required around 10 man hours a day to address the calls. With the introduction of Sinefa, the number of jobs has dropped to 1-2 per day and they require approximately 1-2 man hours per day in support. We have also noted an improvement in overall staff productivity, but we have been unable to quantify how much that might be.

We found price to be the most attractive feature of Sinefa, however the shaping and monitoring is critical for us to establish Citrix. Sinefa without shaping would be helpful, but with shaping and quality it is a spectacular device! It is easy to use, the interface is intuitive and it is not a security risk (metadata only). There is nothing to compare with it.”

Graeme Moore, IT Infrastructure Engineer at Recoveries Corp