Cover 100% of your SD-WAN and hybrid network with real-time traffic intelligence. Let data and machine learning drive better technology decisions.   


Vendor & connectivity agnostic

Insights for any SD-WAN or hybrid network (MPLS, Internet, VPN). Get traffic insights before, during and post your SD-WAN deployment.


Integrated with SD-WAN solution

Deploy on SD-WAN platform, uCPE, virtual, programmable/NFV CSP.


Cover all blind spots with pervasive visibility

Visibility beyond the WAN, DC, branch edge, public cloud, cloud gateways, etc. 


Benchmark performance against industry

Used crowd-sourced data to benchmark your usage and performance against industry and geo. 


Some of the supported SD-WAN platforms

Make SD-WAN bigger and better

Real-time traffic insights across 100% of the network - extend beyond SD-WAN. Integrated solution and zero touch deployment on existing SD-WAN infrastructure. Crowd-sourced intelligence to benchmark your network against industry standards. 


Real-time Live 1-second visibility
See everything about your network traffic in 1-second resolution.

Integrated on SD-WAN edge deployments
Deploy in the line or sit on the sidelines to provide scalable traffic intelligence.  Cloud based reporting and management. 

Crowd-sourced traffic insights
Leverage crowd-sourced data to help you benchmark performance against industry and geographic standards. 

100% coverage of SD-WAN, hybrid and wherever your traffic is
Launch on SD-WAN, get a box, spin up a VM, launch in AWS or Azure, leverage Sinefa from CSP services (enquire with us) or deploy as a Docker container - we have you covered.

Data-first architecture
Remove the noise and focus on the data you need to make decisions. Sinefa's data lake & API provide open and simple access to data to help you drive other systems. 


Video from IBM Client Innovation Center showcasing Sinefa's VNF deployment on SD-WAN 


SD-WAN and Sinefa for MSPs & CSPs

An agnostic and pervasive traffic visibility layer for customer facing insights. Span across any hybrid or SD-WAN network with built-in multi-tenancy and coverage of CSP/MSP services beyond the WAN perimeter. 100% visibility coverage for all your customers. Create new data-drive services with machine learning. 

Create data services
Collect data and application insights to power machine learning and cognitive intelligence services. Create data-driven service streams beyond connectivity. 

Data-first architecture
Present and analyse data that matters. Data which drives the right decisions.  Sinefa's data lake & API drive simple integrations and access to data.

Crowd-sourced traffic insights
Leverage crowd-sourced data to help customer benchmark against industry standards. 

Deploy Sinefa on demand and at scale with Sinefa's cloud managed VNF.



Multi-tenanted/Customer facing insights
A single Sinefa instance can serve thousands of SD-WAN customers. Cloud managed, natively multi-tenanted and optional augmentation with edge deployments. Start small and scale it out.

Realtime traffic insights for hybrid networks
SD-WAN is a journey and many networks will be a hybrid of SD-WAN, MPLS, etc. Visibility coverage of the whole network agnostic of underlying connectivity is key to digital transformations.  

Visibility for Cloud Gateways and other CSP services
Many CSP services will be outside of the SD-WAN perimeter but customers still want traffic insights. A pervasive and agnostic architecture which combines single and multi-tenanted instances makes this possible. 


Make your SD-WAN bigger and better.

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