Networks are in the midst of a massive transformation. The positive disruption that server and storage virtualization had on the world is also happening with network virtualisation. Communication Service Providers (CSP) and enterprises need to be more agile and deliver services on-demand with ever-changing requirements. The era of fixed, special networking hardware is coming to and end and is being replaced with a highly dynamic framework aimed at the needs of the users and the applications, not the packets. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies are demonstrating enormous innovation and value as well as impacting the shape of the modern network.

Demonstration of end-user real-time traffic insights on Juniper’s SD-WAN platform.

New visibility opportunities

SDN and NFV stand to offer a plethora of new visibility applications and solve a lot of emerging challenges. Innovative visibility platforms stand to gain the most from NFV/SDN deployments and will unleash new value streams. 

Sinefa puts best-of-breed traffic visibility and control at the fingertips of customers embracing SDN and NFV. With highly automated configuration, monthly subscriptions and native multi-tenancy and security, Sinefa is ready to be consumed as a service for any network and in turn unlock a whole new world of visibility for software-defined networks.


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How to setup a Sinefa probe as a VNF


5-minute demo of deploying Sinefa probe VNF on Telstra Programmable Network (TPN).

More visibility 

The success of SDN hinges on having more traffic visibility than ever. As traditional computing, storage and networking layers collapse, complexity can increase rapidly and the need to see what’s going on across the whole network becomes extremely important. 

Sinefa Virtual Network Function (VNF)

Sinefa’s VNF can be delivered from the Provider Edge (PE) in a multi-tenanted deployment or from the Customer Edge (CE) on an off-the-shelf NVF platform. Deployment and orchestration can be delivered within the NFV framework and presentation is offered via Sinefa's UI or access via API.  


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Based on the ETSi high level NFV framework (  )

Based on the ETSi high level NFV framework (