The Sinefa API provides access to all of Sinefa's reporting, alerting and configuration capabilities. This allows 3rd party applications to access any of the information provided by the Sinefa system. Some examples include:

  • Enterprises querying the API for application performance data for display on a company dashboard
  • Service Providers querying the API for application utilization and performance data to display to their customers

Standard, Modern Design

Built on top of standard HTTPS using RESTful design principals, the Sinefa API can be used with all major languages right out of the box.


Since the API is built on top of HTTPS, any data sent/received is encrypted. API keys also come with permissions. One API key can have full access to the system, while another API key can be granted read-only access.


Sinefa's own User Interface is built on top of the Sinefa API, so everything Sinefa's UI does can be done by 3rd party applications using the API. This means it's well used, well maintained and thoroughly tested.

Technical API documentation is available here: