Application performance and general user experience can be adversely affected by network quality. What's worse is that network quality issues can be intermittent making discovery and resolution a very difficult task. While the network team is troubleshooting for hours or days, staff and customer frustration rises. Upon resolution it is discovered that 95% of the items investigated for troubleshooting were operating normally. Sinefa helps organisations cut through that 95% so the team can focus on root cause, resolve faster, save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Is the network performing as expected?

Sinefa makes thousands of measurements per minute to assess the quality of the network. Metrics ranging from available bandwidth capacity to delay and jitter are collected to form a Network Quality Score (NQS). NQS provides a single metric to help describe general network quality and forms a basis for comparison between links.

So whether the network is being starved of bandwidth at certain times, network quality is slowing down applications or the bandwidth you signed up for is not available, Sinefa will help you track it down.

The geo-location and tagging capabilities will further help organisations identify patterns based on Service Providers, regional locations, type of last-mile links like DSL or satellite and many more. Historical data presents an in-depth picture of quality across the whole network while alerts help teams get proactive and resolve issues before they impact the users.

Faster troubleshooting

Sinefa's quality measurement technology focuses on accuracy and breadth of network characteristics. This enables much better understanding of network quality and faster troubleshooting. The accuracy of Sinefa's metrics form the basis of Service Level Management which assesses network compliance against promised Service Levels.