Self Host Controller (SHC) is aimed at environments where network metadata must be retained in-network.   The SHC is a private version of the Sinefa cloud which is deployed inside the customer's network.  All the metadata collected by the Sinefa Probes is stored in the SHC.  None of the metadata is transferred or stored into the Sinefa cloud. 

SHC components

SHC is comprised of 3 modules:

  1. Controller - Controller is mainly the presentation layer which customers see via a Web UI or via access to the API.  The Controller talks directly to the database. 
  2. Portal - The portal is there to process data coming in from the probes.  It terminates connections and performs a lot of the post processing before being stored to the database.
  3. Database (SQL based) - This is where all the data is stored. 



All three components can be individually scaled out to accommodate large numbers of Probes, users and traffic.   Multiple portals can be provisioned to serve a large probe base.  Multiple controllers can be provisioned to serve large numbers of customers or API calls from other systems.

For up to 200 Probes, all the functions (Controller, Portal and Database) can be installed onto the same virtual server. A deployment of 200+ Sinefa Probes will require that these functions are separated and deployed across dedicated virtual machines.

The uptime, backup and maintenance of the SHC is the responsibility of the customer.  High Availability(HA) deployments are strongly advised.


SHC deployments require a VMware ESX virtual environment. Recommended Platform and minimum Hardware Specs:

·         VMware ESX

·         4 Cores

·         8GB RAM 

·         2TB Storage

Software Updates

A HTTPS connection out to the Sinefa cloud is required in order for the SHC to access software updates.  Software updates can be automatic or manual.  Sinefa Probes can get updates directly from using HTTPS.

Sinefa's SHC pre-sales team works with you to determine the best deployment method. Note, additional fees are applicable for SHC deployments. Contact our sales team for pricing.