Sinefa Provider Edge

Customer facing traffic visibility
For Telco's, ISP's & Cloud Providers


Customers expect an amazing network experience, but their behaviour on the network is causing performance problems.  Traffi

Offer your customers network traffic visibility to understand how the network is being used and how their own behaviour may be impacting network and application performance. Customers want efficient networks, faster problem resolution and a better user experience.  The better experience starts with network traffic insights. Network Operators and Cloud Providers are uniquely positioned to deliver and benefit from customer facing visibility. With Sinefa's multi-tenanted platform, network traffic visibility can be made available to thousands of customers as a service from the Provider's Edge without the need for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

  • Improve NPS
  • SaaS model 
  • Reduce service tickets and cost
  • Increase profitability per customer 
  • Increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
  • Differentiated network services
  • Hyper-scale, multi-tenanted platfom
  • CPE-less deployment
  • API-first architecture for integration
  • Virtual, cloud & NFV ready

Sinefa delivers customer facing traffic visibility from the Provider Edge. For organisations providing communication services, cloud offerings or applications as a service, Sinefa's hyper scalable, multi-tenanted solution gives every one of their customers a dedicated portal with network traffic insights and behaviours. 


Delivering a Better Customer Experience

Providing a network connection is not enough. As CSPs aspire to become Digital Service Providers (DSP), customer experience is key. The network is the underlying mechanism to deliver services to customers. #thenetworkmatters

Sinefa is deployed inside the provider's infrastructure to provide visibility for all traffic moving in and out (North/South) of individual customer links. A customer-facing portal allows customers to analyze their own traffic and identify application performance issues that may be impacting the customer experience. 

The portal focuses on simple and concise presentation enabling non-technical customers to quickly understand usage patterns and the gain actionable insights. A restful API powers 3rd party presentation of the data into provider toolkits, dashboards and mobile apps. 

Customer Facing visibility

Customers can see historical data analytics by applications, hosts, websites, locations. They can also view data usage, PPS, throughput, TCP health, RTT per flow. Custom Dashboards can be created and search queries are supported. Reporting and scheduled emailing of reports inside and outside the company allow customers to provide visibility to key stakeholders. Sinefa Data Explorer allows access for extensive data mining and export into standard formats. API access is included to allow building and supporting third party applications and dashboards. 


Sinefa provides customer facing traffic visibility fabric with flexible deployment options to cover cloud environments, WAN, Internet and inter-connects at scale.  Sinefa uses  virtual, physical, AWS and Azure deployments work together to cover diverse network architectures. 

Every deployment is made up of one or more Sinefa Probes which are used to analyse and classify large amounts of traffic in real time. The data is then processed and presented by the Sinefa cloud (public cloud).  Private with a self host version of the portal available.

Traffic Extraction & Network Coverage

Seeing the traffic in telco & cloud networks can be a challenge. Service and network architectures differ significantly and leveraging monitoring points is the key to effective traffic visibility across the whole network. Sinefa Probes can ingest traffic from many different mediums with intelligent network taps like Gigamon becoming a common method of traffic extraction. Sinefa's flexibility of spinning up virtual Probes anywhere in the network further simplifies network visibility coverage. To service large numbers of customers, a high degree of coverage is required.

NFV Ready

Sinefa is architected as a Virtual Function. Sinefa Probes can exist on bare metal or virtual infrastructure and can also be orchestrated into NFV deployments and managed via standard APIs.  Sinefa Functions are compatible with most Openstack based platforms and can be service chained alongside other network functions like routing, load balancing and firewalls. 


APIs & Contextual analytics

Sinefa stores a wealth of realtime and historical analytics on network traffic.  While Sinefa provides its own presentation layer, extensive APIs allow data extraction based on JSON to be presented or post processed by other toolsets to provide single pane of glass for all services. Consuming all of the telco's digital services in one place is the path to a better user experience, and any new services need to fit into this model. Beyond the visibility & control of traffic, Sinefa's analytics can provide value and context to other digital services. 


Create customer accounts in seconds (API calls)

Once Sinefa is deployed in the network provider's network, creating a customer account is as simple as:

  • Creating an account name
  • Provisioning a customer segment
  • Inviting the customer into their account

Within minutes your customer has visibility into how their network is being utilised.

Traffic at the network core can now be made visible using Gigamon and Sinefa. You can find out more here.

In-network/Self Hosted cloud deployments

Sinefa Self Host Controller is a hosted version of Metadata collected from Sinefa Probes is stored and kept in-network and does not rely on public cloud infrastructure. 


Gain a strategic advantage by differentiating network services, improve customer experience and protect the Net Promoter Score. 


Sinefa’s portal provides customers with visibility of how their link is being utilised, which allows them to identify how their own usage is affecting cloud service performance. They can then improve performance by adjusting the way they use their link. It is a simple self-help tool which has a big impact on the number of service calls the network provider receives.

Solve network performance issues faster


Mean time to Innocence (MTTI)

How long does it take your organisation to prove to customers that the problem is not the network? How much does that cost and how does that impact NPS? Traffic visibility provides transparency and empowers customers to see what's going on before making a complaint or raising a service ticket. Enabling this customer self service speeds up problem resolution, reduces the load on operations and keeps customers happy.