SaaS Monitoring

See the whole service delivery chain for SaaS application performance and keep your business keeps flowing.

Sinefa's integrated Digital Experience Monitoring platform gives you the visibility you need to ensure that your business-critical SaaS solutions are delivering the user experience customers, employees, and partners need.

Understand user experience everywhere

Get easy to understand experience scoring from branches and remote workers. Compare your experience scores to collective intelligence benchmarks.

 See network paths and real user traffic

Monitor end-to-end and hop-by-hop network paths to SaaS providers. Get live, second-by-second application traffic views. Get to root-cause analysis faster.

Improve remote worker productivity

Solve hard to diagnose problems for remote workers, reduce MTTR, improve productivity and employee engagement.

Plan, Deploy and Operate with Assurance

Plan, Deploy and Operate with Assurance

Make sure you have the SaaS performance metrics and real-time network monitoring data you need to ensure maximum uptime and report on SaaS service delivery KPIs to key stakeholders before you migrate business-critical applications.

Reduce MTTR

Know if SaaS performance issues are due to internal or external problems, escalate effectively to providers, solve problems fast, deliver on your SLAs, and make users happy.

See end user experience, network and device health

The SaaS Experience Monitoring Challenge

As enterprises move on-premises applications to cloud-based web services like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Workday, they rely on networks, SaaS provider infrastructure, and software they don't control. Yet, IT teams are still responsible for end-user experience.

Unfortunately, neither traditional network monitoring tools based on packet capture or flow, data, nor legacy SNMP-based performance monitoring solutions built for branch or data center infrastructure monitoring can see across the Internet to where SaaS applications reside. Application performance monitoring (APM) solutions also leave gaps because you can't instrument code you don't own. Cloud monitoring solutions focused on AWS, Azure, and Google focus only on cloud VPC environments, not how they're connected to and deliver digital experience to users across the Internet. Enterprises need modern visibility to tell when application outages or other performance issues are caused by internal or service provider networks.

Sinefa offers a Digital Experience Monitoring solution for SaaS performance management from branch offices, data centers, and VPCs. Learn more about Sinefa DEM.

What is DEM?

SaaS monitoring is about more than the infrastructure. Learn more about Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

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