SD-WAN Monitoring

Improve application delivery across your entire SD-WAN deployment with endpoint, real user traffic and network path insights

Get insights into your entire SD-WAN deployment. Improve application performance, deliver optimal user experiences, and keep business flowing smoothly.

Understand experience everywhere

Get easy to understand app experience scores from remote user and branch locations, as well as cloud VPCs. See your experience scores to collective intelligence benchmarks.

See network paths and real user traffic

Monitor end-to-end and hop-by-hop overlay and underlay network paths. Detect packet loss, latency and jitter conditions in internal, ISP, and SaaS networks.

Go deep with real-time traffic analysis

Get live, second-by-second application traffic views. Drill down to per user and host views. Find network traffic anomalies. Get to root-cause analysis fast.

Plan, Deploy and Operate with Assurance

Plan, Deploy and Operate with Assurance

Make sure you have sufficient SD-WAN performance metrics for upstream ISPs to ensure a smooth roll out and efficient network operations. Report on application delivery across SD-WAN to key stakeholders before you migrate business-critical applications.

Reduce MTTR

Know if SD-WAN performance issues are due to internal or external problems, escalate effectively to providers, solve problems fast, deliver on your SLAs, and make users happy.

Lossy network path

The SD-WAN Monitoring Challenge

Enterprises have rapidly embraced new technologies like SaaS, and migrated applications from data centers to public cloud service providers. This shift means that backhauling traffic from end-user locations like branch offices, via costly MPLS wide area network circuits makes less sense. As a result, many enterprises are moving to direct Internet connections from branches, and adopting SD-WAN solutions (a form of Software-Defined Networking -- SDN) that can steer application traffic based on centralized orchestration policies. SD-WAN devices can manage a mix of connectivity across the entire network, including direct ISP links, MPLS, and VPN tunnels. Deploying an SD-WAN network can bring cost savings, better network performance for SaaS, and automation benefits to network operations.

However, these benefits are accompanied by an increase of complexity and a loss of visibility into wan performance issues that can arise due to a vast increase in the number of external service providers that you rely on. Whether you're an enterprise network team, or a managed services provider (MSP), you need deep insights across the whole service delivery chain to uphold your internal or external SLAs.

Unfortunately, neither traditional monitoring tools nor the limited visibility provided by SD-WAN vendors is sufficient to give you the real-time insights you need into your overall sd-wan deployment. Legacy network monitoring solutions focus solely on collecting passive data from infrastructure (such as Cisco routers) connected to your internal LANs and WANs. Application performance monitoring isn't relevant to the SD-WAN technology domain since it focuses on instrumenting and reporting on the performance of application code. Many of the issues that arise for SD-WANs occur in external networks, where legacy tools can't provide visibility. Ultimately, SD-WAN monitoring needs not just to address network issues, but how the entire network is delivering application performance (including sensitive apps like VoIP) and user experience.

Sinefa offers a holistic Digital Experience Monitoring solution for SD-WAN and application delivery management from remote work locations (including insights into end user devices and local wifi), branch offices, data centers, and VPCs. Sinefa SD-WAN monitoring encompasses synthetic application monitoring, network path monitoring, traffic analysis, and even allows you to apply traffic shaping QoS policies to prioritize critical applications. Learn more about Digital Experience Monitoring, and Sinefa's DEM solution. .Learn more about Digital Experience Monitoring, and Sinefa's DEM solution.

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