Zoom Performance  Monitoring

Troubleshoot user experience and network performance issues for Zoom meetings, fast.

Sinefa's integrated Digital Experience Monitoring platform gives your IT team the endpoint and network performance data they need, to ensure great end-user experiences for Zoom video conferencing.

Understand user experience everywhere

Get easy to understand experience scoring from on-premise branch networks and remote workers. Compare your experience scores to collective intelligence benchmarks.

 See network paths and real user traffic

Monitor end-to-end and hop-by-hop network paths to Zoom and other SaaS providers. Get real-time, second-by-second application traffic views. Get to root-causes faster.

Improve remote worker productivity

Solve hard to diagnose problems for remote workers, with actionable insights into endpoint operating system and device health, plus network path visualizations.

See beyond your own network boundaries with network path monitoring

See the whole network path from anywhere

Sinefa allows you to monitor Layer 3 network paths from endpoints and branch offices to Zoom and other SaaS providers. See if packet loss, latency or jitter are occurring in your network or an ISP, or even in Zoom's infrastructure. Quickly isolate problem domains, and escalate effectively to providers with enough data to get them to take action.

Support remote workers effectively

Know if Zoom performance issues are due to end-user device, home or local wifi, Internet gateway congestion, ISPs or end-to-end performance issues. Solve problems fast.

See end user experience, network and device health

DEM meets the Zoom visibility challenge

Zoom video conferencing has achieved cultural icon status due to covid-19 remote work mandates and supports many use cases today. Whether users are doing zoom phone calls, screen sharing and attending webinars from home, or using a zoom room connection from an office, troubleshooting is complicated, due to a multitude of dependencies in the service delivery chain.

Traditional network performance monitoring doesn't provide enough visibility, because it's only reveals the performance of on-premises infrastructure. However, since Zoom is a SaaS (like Dropbox, Slack and Microsoft O365, and Google Suite) end-user experiences depends on many external Internet networks to connect to the AWS cloud where Zoom servers are hosted. Furthermore, remote workers often have issues with their local devices, wifi and Internet connections. That means IT teams need fast access to multiple datasources to quickly solve problems.

Sinefa Digital experience monitoring (DEM) meets this challenge by integrating performance datapoints from endpoint monitoring of device and wifi health, real user traffic analysis, and hop-by-hop network path monitoring. Learn more about the Sinefa solution.

What is DEM?

SaaS monitoring is about more than the infrastructure. Learn more about Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

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