Achieve 100% network traffic visibility coverage and actionable insights by deploying Sinefa probes to your Internet breakouts, DC connectivity and cloud-provider links.

Guarantee performance of cloud applications (like Office 365,, etc) and accelerate cloud migrations to support digital transformation initiatives. Find and fix application performance issues at branch and DC locations.

Sinefa probe VNFs can be deployed on TPN to provide actionable insights within minutes. Sinefa is free* to try, is backed by 24x7 support and offers flexible annual and multi-year licensing options.


About TPN

A network reimagined. Discover a network that will adapt with you in real time, offer a new level of control and flexibility, while evolving to suit your business.

The Telstra Programmable Network enables near real-time, on-demand connectivity to clouds, data centres, security, application services and a partner ecosystem through a single unified view.

All services and infrastructure can be ordered and managed via a customer portal with a single unified view, or by customer systems interfaced via APIs, transforming the traditional networking experience to deliver control and agility to match your business demands.


Sinefa TPN Demo Video

Watch a 5 minute demo of Sinefa on Telstra Programmable Network.


Sinefa Use Cases

Perfect for IPVPN / Next IP Internet breakout, Sinefa reports on application performance usage and offers deep traffic and application intelligence for each site. Sinefa also guarantees the performance of business critical applications over this shared bandwidth.

Telstra TPN Use Cases (3).png
  • Complete Internet application usage and performance reporting for the entire WAN, right down to each site and individual users.

  • Guarantee the performance of Internet/cloud based applications (e.g. Office 365) for all IPVPN / Next IP sites competing for shared Internet bandwidth.


Getting Started

Getting Sinefa up and running on TPN is easy, here's what you need to do:

  1. Create a Sinefa account (if you don't already have one)

  2. Deploy a Sinefa probe from the TPN Marketplace into a TPN Topology

  3. Register your Sinefa probe with your Sinefa account

  4. Try Sinefa free* for 14 days

Check out our TPN Quick Start Guide for further details.


How to Buy

TPN operates a BYOL model, meaning TPN charges and Sinefa charges are seperate. Sinefa subscriptions can be purchased through an approved partner. Contact our sales team below for further information.

Subscription and Pricing

Sinefa probes are subscribed for a fixed term based on the amount of bandwidth they will be monitoring/controlling. The minimum subscription term is 1 year. Support and maintenance are included in all subscriptions.



Need help with deployment? Got a question? Sinefa provides 24x7 tech support via phone, email and in-app chat.

* Sinefa offers a 14 day free trial. TPN charges may apply. 



7-Eleven drives superior digital experiences with Sinefa's real-time traffic insights platform

7-Eleven drives superior digital experiences with Sinefa's real-time traffic insights platform

7-Eleven drives superior digital experiences with Sinefa's real-time traffic insights platform

Find out how Sinefa's real-time traffic insights platform improved a response time of up to 24 hours. 

 See 7-Eleven's Customer Story