End User Experience Monitoring Trial

Get instant insights into endpoint devices, wifi, network paths and app performance for all your end users, wherever they're located.

Get instant insights into endpoint devices, wifi, and application network paths for all your end users, wherever they're located.

Your free 14-day trial of Sinefa's End User Experience Monitoring comes with 10 end-user agents and allows you to:

  • Quickly understand remote worker experience via an easy to deploy endpoint agent
  • Monitor user experience, device, and wifi health in real-time
  • Visualize network paths to critical applications, solve application performance problems, and deliver exceptional digital experiences

If you would like to try Sinefa with more agents or for longer than 14 days, please contact us.

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See all your end users' experience in one place

Easily deploy the Sinefa Endpoint Agent for user monitoring and view endpoint device, wifi, local network and Internet performance at scale.

Troubleshoot end-to-end network paths

Launch on-demand network path monitoring for any endpoint agent from the Sinefa portal. See app response times, understand root causes.

Improve remote worker productivity

Solve hard to diagnose problems, reduce MTTR, ensure critical business transactions, improve productivity and employee engagement.

Endpoint agent map

See all your users' experience at a glance

Geolocation maps and tabular views make it easy to gain observability over all your end users, locations, ISPs, and experience scores at a glance. Filter endpoint views by connectivity type (wireless or not), provider, location, username, SSID/BSSID and when they were last seen.