Yet another tool for Cloud?
Is there a unified dashboard for the Cloud, applications and the network - both on-premise and Cloud?

Organizations are embarking on a cloud journey for operational agility and improved operational efficiency. Modernize your cloud based applications and network deployment with performance intelligence with Sinefa.

End-to-end performance intelligence for pure Cloud and hybrid deployments

Managing applications and networks hosted in the cloud with performance intelligence with support for hybrid on-premise deployments is needed. This ensures that the user experience is agnostic to the deployment model - on-premise, Cloud or hybrid.

Sinefa helps CloudOps teams modernize their applications by bridging the user experience intelligence gap between applications, network and the cloud performance with continuous learning to improve/enhance the operational intent.

Meet the goals at every stage of your “Network As A Service” and “Intelligent Edge” journey in the Cloud

  • Performance Intelligence for user experience complements connectivity and security in the cloud
  • Integrates with automation tools to meet user expectations before, during and after network rollouts
  • Works with all Communication, Interconnect and Cloud Provider Platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP
provide evidence across all networks to stakeholders

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