Trying to get various operations teams to collaborate? Is there a common dashboard for the application, network and cloud?

As enterprises embark on their digital transformation journey, the user experience gap between the applications and network is expected to widen. Monitor the performance across old and new deployments and provide a uniform dashboard to ensure rapid collaboration and minimize the impact to the user experience.

End to end performance intelligence dashboard guarantee rapid collaboration between all operations teams

With any digital transformation, collaboration between all stakeholders is key. Having the correct tools in place to monitor things before, during, and after means that all stakeholders will know where to begin, how the project is progressing, and what the final results are.

Make sure that the key critical application performance is known across all locations/users

  • Eliminate confusion with focused actionable insights
  • Avoid issues before they snowball into major customer satisfaction (CSAT) issues
  • Foster collaboration between application, network and cloud operations teams

Provide evidence across all networks to stakeholders

  • Quickly identify if there is a network capacity or application/cloud response time issue
  • Non-intrusive rapid deployment with an extremely minimal footprint
  • Bridge the user experience gap between the network, application and cloud. Foster collaborations between the operations teams

“Having real-time insights, and the ability to prioritise core business applications to optimise performance, will allow us to really leverage our IT infrastructure to drive business growth. We can continue to provide a stable and reliable network for corporate users of SAP, MS Office, and related production control software.”

Huon Aquaculture

Office Digital Collaboration

Performance intelligence for Cloud applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce

  • Automatically detect and analyze performance issues by location, by users and cloud applications
  • Easily integrate with IT Service Management (ITSM) & Security, Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems
image three: Within the enterprise - Performance Intelligence for SD-LAN

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