How will Sinefa work for you?

Customers use Sinefa for actionable insights and intelligence at scale. They are able to bridge the user experience gap between the network and application for on-Premise, cloud and hybrid deployments. This drives up customer satisfaction and productivity improving the overall operational efficiency. Learn how teams like yours have transformed their operations in innovative ways.

Network Operations Meeting

Network Operations

As the network owner, get performance intelligence to detect, analyze, remediate and validate network issues.

  • Proactive insights into end to end network issues - LAN, WAN & Cloud
  • See the right information in the proper context
  • Reduce Mean-TIme-To-Innocence (MTTI)
  • Easy integration with other system to automate and simplify operations

Application Operations

As the application owner, rapid performance insights into application or end user issues.

  • Eliminate confusion with focused actionable insights
  • Avoid issues before they snowball into major customer satisfaction (CSAT) concerns
  • Application and network operations teams collaborate easily
  • People can now focus on what matters and avoid fighting fires
Application Operations Discussion
DevOps Coding


As the developer, get instant insights into operational issues. Enhance and improve your organization’s operational intent.

  • Stakeholders are now aware of the immediate next steps
  • Identify the signal and develop the correct response to resolve the issue
  • Fully integrate to build out optimized devops processes


Increasing complexity makes it difficult to scale and protect organizations from the continuously changing threat vectors.

  • Introduce efficiency with consistency and pervasive awareness
  • Single source of truth across all operations teams including security
  • Accelerates transformations being fully integrated with security vendors
SecOps Mobile Phone
CloudOps Work Desk


As Cloud Operations, eliminate the guesswork when trying to determine cloud, application or network issues.

  • Enable cloud and on-premise operations deliver a collaborative response in real time
  • Identify when the problem is in the cloud and which specific cloud
  • Continuously learn to enhance and improve productivity and maintenance


As executives, empower your teams to win customers, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

  • Move operations from being reactive to proactive and eventually self-driving
  • Drive collaboration between teams with a common and easy to understand dashboard
  • Build trust with customers, business owners and other organizational functions.
CTO CIO Meeting