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Sinefa Live Streaming  

See traffic flows in flight on your network in 1 second resolution. When the pressure is on there is nothing like seeing the traffic as it's happening. Troubleshoot like a boss and don't rely on old school 5 minute resolution. 


Tag based access to Probes & data

Create regional or other logical tags to control privacy and ensure that the right people have the right data.  Invite partners, telcos or consultants to temporarily look at the Probes and data in question.


DSCP tagging in traffic shaping rules

Handy for MPLS or networks which provide different quality of service based on the DiffServ field.  Use DSCP tagging to line up Sinefa's granular application level shaping with your provider's quality of service tags. 


Public Probes to test quality to key cloud locations

Monitor the network quality to key public cloud locations by adding multiple Sinefa Public Probes. Public Probes are located close to popular cloud applications like Dropbox, and more.  Consider Sinefa AWS & Azure Probes for testing quality to private cloud environments. There is an additional subscription for Public Probes.  


APIv2 - Integrate better

Our version 2 API enables easier and better ways to get the data you need from Sinefa.  Whether you're building a mobile app, a customized report or integrating traffic analytics into an existing portal, Sinefa's APIv2 provides the calls needed for simple and efficient integration. See more


Easy registration of hardware Probes

No need to login to hardware Probes anymore. Simply add the serial number to and turn on the Probe to get started. 

Check out our changelog for more details.